The Freedom Lift will allow you to lift the Freedom Chair up into your vehicle when you don’t have the strength to do so yourself, removing the need for a wheelchair ramp. Weighing less than 10kg, the Freedom Lift is a great solution to the problem of lifting wheelchairs into vehicles.


  • Lay the lift on the ground at the back of the vehicle.
  • Fold your wheelchair and place it on top of the lift.
  • Using the curly cord plug the lift into your Freedom chair's battery so it has power.
  • Flip the switch to begin the lifting process, stop it when it reaches your vehicle's boot level.
  • Slide the chair into the boot and lower the lift until it is flat.
  • Disconnect the cable from the battery and put the lift into your vehicle.


The Freedom Wheelchair Lift is a New Zealand manufactured product, which will be available near the end of September 2020. The photo above is of the prototype. Enquires before we have product available are very welcome. 


If you purchase the lift and a chair at the same time, please feel free to use the coupon code "Chair-Lift-Combo" to receive $195 off the price of the Lift. This coupon will only be accepted for those meeting the chair+lift in one purchase criteria.


Please call Paul at 0800 466 626 with any questions or to order directly.

Freedom Lift


    Auckland, New Zealand