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How can I get a demo if I'm not in Auckland?

As soon as I have enough people wanting a demo to enable me to visit a particular region, I schedule a trip. If you have several people in your area who are interested in trying the Freedom Chair, please let me know, as this will help hasten the process of demo trip planning for your location. I try to make sure I visit all regions of New Zealand at least three times a year where there are people waiting for electric wheelchair demonstrations.

Are there any second-hand units available?

Yes, pre-used Freedom Chair electric wheelchairs do come up regularly. If you are interested in one, please let me know so I can add your name to the notification list. Models are usually earlier version AO7’s and AO8’s with prices ranging from $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 depending on condition.  These chairs are refurbished and carry a 12 month warranty. On rare occasions some later models - AO6 and DEO8 also come available.


Similarly, if you are wanting to sell a pre-used Freedom Chair, please let me know, so others may benefit from such an opportunity.

How can I get my chair serviced?

The Freedom Chair is a very durable electric wheelchair and requires little maintenance. However, if help is needed, replacement parts are carried in stock by the distributor, Montec Mobility Limited. I can service any chairs that are located within Auckland myself.  I also have a couple of service companies who can help out in other areas of the country. Give me a call to discuss your requirements.

What is the warranty on the chairs?

  • Frame 4 years.

  • Motors, Central Processor Unit (CPU), Joystick and Battery 2 years.

  • Wearing Parts (Wheels & Fabrics) 1 year.

Will ACC pay for my chair?

Yes, but you will need to work through an occupational therapist to assess your needs for an electric wheelchair. Contact me to discuss your options.

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